The trick to decluttering holiday decorations without feeling guilty

When it comes to our coveted holiday memorabilia, whether it be a set of silverware or a small ceramic Christmas tree made by your child in elementary school, why do these things hold so much energy? So much power? And why do we only share them with ourselves and our family once a year?

Like all our belongings, holiday memorabilia is worth pruning each year. You may not always feel connected to certain items and it’s ok to let them go.

My 5-step holiday memorabilia releasing ritual

Try to see this process as a beautiful bridge to freeing-up energetic real estate. Just like the way we set a luxurious table for our holiday meals, cook traditional foods and gather with our closest family and friends, imagine this sorting and editing process as an annual letting go ceremony.

1. Get in the mood

2. Take it ALL out!

You must take all of the memorabilia out from the attic, the basement and empty out the bins and boxes. If you have a large table or a few pop-up tables on hand, I recommend using them for the sorting process.
Group similar items together so you can determine how much of each category you have. For example, put all the ornaments together, all the cute handmade placemats and construction paper turkeys together, etc. If you can’t see all of your items in one place, you won’t know what to keep and what to eliminate.

3. Examine your treasures

4. When you say things like…

   …you aren’t empowering yourself. You are keeping things out of convenience or obligation and that never feels good. Set yourself free by claiming and keeping only what you love!

5. Lastly... let it go

When you have made a clear decision that you are ready to release an item, it has to leave your home as soon as possible. A few options on how to remove it:

How you spend your energy and how much energy your holiday decor holds is something worth thinking about as we enter the celebratory season. As you go through your annual decluttering process, remember there is no “rule” that says you have to use holiday items once a year.

Create community, gather your tribe and use your china and silver throughout the year. Let the piece you love live a good life and let the rest go with ease.

I’d love to hear about your ritual! What did you do? How did you do it? Was it easy? What were the challenges? How do you feel post releasing? Connect with me in the comments below. 

Lili Pettit
Contributor & Founding Member

Hello there. My name is Lili Pettit and I am the founder of Clutter Healing®, Inc. a professional organizing business dedicated to helping clients establish supportive environments both internally and externally. I have built my life around clearing out the negative and unnecessary, finding room for only what serves in positive and productive ways — both in the home and in the body. My positive attitude, clear logic, and focused energy gently guides individuals through a cleansing process to establish a sense of calm, clarity and consciousness in things we call home.

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