Refresh your home’s energy with a spring equinox Table of Intentions

The spring season is often associated with flowers blooming, birds singing and bees buzzing. If we pay attention to Mother Nature’s cycles we may find ourselves intuitively doing the same within our homes.

After a season of staying indoors with cozy fireplace moments and comfort food, most people get the urge to organize and clean right around March first. We’re ready to tidy up, weed out any unnecessary items that may have snuck in over the holidays, flip the mattresses and clean out our closets. 

Spring is also a time of renewal. There is a shift. We see actual equality in the length of day and night. It’s a time to come back into balance and renew our energy. As we grow older and wiser, spring matters as a moment for setting intentions for our lives and our homes.

These intentions work best with where you are now and not where you used to be. It’s a time to release dust bunnies. It’s a time to release clothing that no longer resonates with your current lifestyle. By allowing yourself to do this, you allow your home to breathe fully again.

If you’re not familiar with how to build a Table of Intentions and it feels a little intimidating that’s ok. Just relax. It’s actually easier than you think and a really great way to use your creativity. You have an intention, in this case you are working with the energy of the Spring equinox which is all about clearing the cobwebs, then you bring together objects that compliment this theme. Lastly you arrange everything in your own version of meaningful beautiful. It’s actually quite fun! I’ve outlined a how-to guide and a few of my favorite things to include in a Table of Intentions. But this is really about what you want for these next four months, how you would like to be supported in accomplishing any goals or projects as well as setting very clear alliances with each of the items on the table.

How to set an intention

First, let’s figure out why you are building a Table of Intentions. What are a few words that describe your ideal home environment? Peaceful, welcoming, joyous, clear, cleansed, pure? Is there something you would like to see in your home that is currently missing? Maybe it’s a life partner, a creative project or a feeling of more connection to community. Whatever this season is stirring within you let your intention be clear, conscious and filled with a whole ton of joy.

I suggest writing down your intentions on a sheet of paper and having them on your Table.

How to create a foundation

I personally do not recommend creating a Table of Intentions on the floor, especially if you have animals or small children. It’s my own preference to do this on a small table or countertop. Choose a place that works best for you.

Next, create a foundation for the Table by laying down a small scarf, piece of cloth or rug that is special and meaningful to you. I often use something made of wool as it has grounding properties. For this Table, I chose a silk scarf that my mother used to wear when I was a little girl. Spring is a time to reconnect with your playful side and lean into childlike wonder. With days and nights of almost equal length, there is a bit more incentive to get outside and engage in activities that we used to do as kids.

How to select your table’s elements and objects

There are no hard and fast rules here, however, having each of the elements (earth, water, fire, air) represented is a good place to start.

     Earth - Rocks, crystals, anything from the earth.

     Water - I always include a vase of fresh-cut flowers. This covers the earth and water element.

     Fire- Candle.

     Air – Feathers.

Crystals that support your intention are also a great thing to include. The stones you choose are personal to you but I can tell you that citrine, clear and rose quartz are in alignment with the energy of support, love and clarity.

The arrangement is totally up to you. Some people like to create circles with fresh flowers and greenery while others work in a grid or a square pattern. I’m all about balance and symmetry so where I place something on the left I make sure to place an equally weighted object on the right. So much of life is unpredictable so when I build any Table I hope it will help me find balance.

Support system

Many people choose to include photos or objects that honor their lineage or a connection to the spirit world. That could be a relative who has passed, angels or a spirit animal. If you resonate with it and feel called to include it, by all means, please do.

Rabbits represent fertility and new life, so if you are working on birthing something this spring season I would recommend researching rabbit medicine.

Complementary essential oils

Since Spring is all about flowers blooming, vibrant colors and renewal, I’ve chosen two floral essential oils that make my home instantly feel like spring. It’s a very bright combination that makes me feel like I’m being bathed in a rose garden while feeling uplifted and energized.

Diffuse - 2 drops rose absolute and 6 drops geranium


Lastly, light your candles, sit back and have gratitude for what you have just created. Sitting down with your intentions, read them to yourself one more time. See if you can visualize what you are manifesting this spring. What do your dreams look like? Sound like? Smell like? Taste like? Feel like?

The clearer you are with the picture, the more easily you can make it your reality. When you see clearly, you can take actions that support your vision. Take a few moments to sit silently with your Table of Intentions, with your vision and allow it to soak in. Leave the intentions near the space you’ve created so that you can read them daily during the next three months. I recommend leaving your Table of Intentions intact until the summer solstice at which time you can create a new one.

*Remember: Never leave a burning candle unattended. When you are not at your Table, blow out the candle.

Helpful tip

I recommend creating a Table of Intentions when you have the time and energy to be fully present. Table building takes a lot of focused conscious energy.

What you put into it you will get out of it.

If you are simply throwing things on a table or rushing through this process, the supportive energy you are seeking won’t be set into it. Do your best to be in a receptive, curious and hopeful mood. The more you are open to the experience the more you will gain from the process. When you honor the elements and ask for support, a whole world of information is presented.

Your home has so much support and love to give but you must reciprocate. Be tender, be sweet, be attentive to what it needs and deserves. Fill it up with abundance and love. Clear out the stagnant energy build up from time to time.

Lili Pettit
Contributor & Founding Member

Hello there. My name is Lili Pettit and I am the founder of Clutter Healing®, Inc. a professional organizing business dedicated to helping clients establish supportive environments both internally and externally. I have built my life around clearing out the negative and unnecessary, finding room for only what serves in positive and productive ways — both in the home and in the body. My positive attitude, clear logic, and focused energy gently guides individuals through a cleansing process to establish a sense of calm, clarity and consciousness in things we call home.

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Katie E

March 4, 2019 - 5:22am

Good morning. This is perfect timing. Spring cleaning today with all my natural essential oil based cleaners. I love the idea of the spring alter and will definitely reward myself once the stale winter air is out .
Thank you for this great article.

Lili Pettit

March 4, 2019 - 2:40pm

Hello Katie! I’m so thrilled that you are feeling the buzz of Spring at this time. I’m so ready for the rains in Los Angeles to be complete although I do recognize how much our lands need it. Enjoy the process of refreshing your home and pouring love back into it! Can’t wait to hear how your altar building goes!

Kathleen A

March 20, 2018 - 1:17pm

I often use lemon grass, orange and eucalyptus for a fresh, citrus scent that revives me and makes me feel happy.

Lili Pettit

March 20, 2018 - 8:26pm

Hi Kathleen! All of those are SO refreshing and enlivening! Sometimes I find it hard to decide because I love so many of the scents.

Mary L 1743928812

March 19, 2018 - 3:05am

I love lavender oil and ecaluptus oil relaxing and calming

Lili Pettit

March 19, 2018 - 10:13am

Hi Mary! I agree! There are so many amazing scents with benefits out there it’s often hard to choose!!!  Thanks for reading the piece. Are you making a Spring Table of Intentions? I’d love to hear about it.

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