Positive Change
You’ve got this and I Believe in You. – Inspiration from the Catherine McAuley Center

You’ve got this and I believe in you.

The homeless, impoverished and often abused women who come to the Catherine McAuley Center in Cedar Rapids, IA, are greeted with simple, yet profoundly empowering words of encouragement such as: You’ve got this and I believe in you.

Based on the pioneering mission work of Sister Catherine McAuley in Dublin, Ireland in the 1800’s, the CMC’s work begins with a novel and altruistic definition of mercy that recognizes the simple worth of every individual, regardless of who they are or what circumstances they’re in. That mercy begins with a basic assumption of the dignity of a person rather than offering them pity, is a transformational starting point for CMC’s successful program of shelter, transitional housing and educational services.

You’ve got this: CMC’s mission is to offer hope and opportunity to women through educational services.

But for the women to really thrive, they first need to have a stable environment and that’s where the transitional housing plays an important role. Ultimately it’s about creating connections between women and the community, resources and opportunities that they need to make a positive change. Working together to create an inclusive community is a priority at CMC because doing so creates the framework for transformation. Education and housing are the community’s tools. Focusing on the development of hard skills creates the mentality that everyone’s a capable learner, but also that they can be a teacher to the ones that struggle or come to the program after them. Write words of encouragement to these incredbile women below for us to share with them.

Aura Cacia
Inspired By The Power Of Positive Change

At Aura Cacia we are inspired by the power of positive change. In our own lives and in the lives of women everywhere. Our essential oils, skin care oils and more are made from simple and pure botanical ingredients to unlock nature’s ability to improve our well-being. We source our ingredients carefully and sustainably from the best sources around the world, then test every shipment of essential oil we receive to verify its purity and quality. Since our beginnings in 1982 – and since 1993, as part of Frontier Co-op – we’ve believed in spreading positive change together. So, each time you purchase an Aura Cacia product, you support organizations that help women transform their lives through our Positive Change Project.

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Sharon R 1000679062

June 24, 2018 - 9:32pm

She believed she could so she did…..

Smitha G

June 8, 2018 - 9:15pm

You came on to this world to do your part . ... the amazing part that nobody else can do better than you !  Put on your awesomeness and shine ! Love and light

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