Reconnect With Your Heart to Calm Your Body And Mind

As a former type “A” person, I was always running full speed ahead.

Being continuously stressed caused me to develop a pattern of shallow breathing, which exacerbated my stress levels even further.

Through my yoga practice, I was able to become aware of my altered breathing patterns and relearn how to breathe deeply and easefully.  I found out that the way I was breathing profoundly impacted my health and wellbeing.  I learned that how I breathe affects my energy level, sleep, memory, and concentration.

I was already experiencing the benefits of deep breathing when I began to add a heart-focus.  I started to feel different: calmer, more positive, focused, and more heart-centered.  

When the stuff of life stresses us we lose our connection with our deeper selves.  Signs that we are in need of centering are feelings of being overwhelmed, an inability to focus, and a general disconnection.   However, by taking a few minutes to stop, become present with your breath, and reconnect with your heart, you can literally change every cell in your body.

Engaging this simple practice can help you let go of tension and anxiety, move into a state of relaxation, and clear your mind. Since we are all moving through life quickly these days, it is great to have a “quick fix” to get us into a more relaxed state.

I also learned how to enhance my breathing practice even more by using lavender essential oil.  I use it in my yoga classes, and I even carry a roll-on with me wherever I go for easy access.

7 Simple Steps to Pranayama

Now I teach this simple but powerful heart-focused breathing practice in my yoga classes.

The great thing about breathing practices (called Pranayama in yoga) is that practicing these techniques is something anyone can learn to do. So how do you do it? Use these seven simple steps:

  1. Take a moment to draw your awareness to your body and breath. 
  2. Wherever you are: sitting, standing, or lying down, invite your whole body to relax. 
  3. Begin to draw your awareness to the rhythm of your breath and find an even breathing pattern.  You can do this by using a count of 4 or 5 on your inhale and exhale.
  4. Now begin to draw your awareness to your heart.
  5. If possible, place your right palm over your heart and your left palm over your right hand while gently closing your eyes.
  6. Continue this heart-focused breathing for 1-5 minutes.  Draw your awareness gently back when it wanders. 
  7. When you are ready, slowly release the practice and gently move back into life.

You can do this practice anywhere: in the grocery or carpool line, before a big meeting, at night before bed, even while walking.

Learning how to slow down your breathing is a great way to counter your mind and body’s response to stress and to increase your overall resilience. 

We never know what is waiting for us around the corner of life.  What we do know is that we have the power to choose how we react.   Practicing heart-focused breathing helps us find our center, let go of stress, and be less reactive to the events of life.  We are also more likely to make choices that are compassionate and heart-centered. 

I hope that you find this practice as beneficial in your life and I have in mine.

Hope Knosher
Contributor & Founding Member

A bout with breast cancer and the death of my mother left me unable to sleep or take a deep, healing breath. My doctor recommended yoga as a path to recovery.

As I began my practice, I experienced the healing power of yoga. I began to reconnect with my breath and my deeper self. I experienced a release of stored trauma and tension. Gradually, taking a deep breath and getting a good night’s sleep became easier.

Now, I cherish the opportunity to lead others on their journey into yoga through movement, breathing, and meditation. I also share my journey and love of yoga and healthy living through writing, speaking, and soul-inspiring retreats. Learn more or connect with me at I would love to hear from you!

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Elicia S

April 24, 2019 - 12:44pm

I do yoga on weekend with my kids, we all love it, helps flexibility and clear your mind. I am a certified yoga instructure in hopes to teach kids on yoga and teens.

Debra W 1985827218

January 24, 2019 - 10:03am

I practice my breathing daily and just started yoga because I hurt my back.  I also have my patient’s do deep breathing daily to help calm them.  It really works.

Hope Knosher

January 24, 2019 - 10:05am

That is awesome Debra!  It is great that you found yoga and deep breathing.  It really does make a difference.  Glad they are working so well for you!

Lanie K

November 16, 2018 - 4:50pm

I am fortunate to practice yoga with Hope and being reminded of the importance of deep breathing. My everyday has changed for the better. Thank you.

Patti N

November 15, 2018 - 12:59pm

Great video to remind us how important breathing practices are to relieve stress! I practice Yoga with Hope twice a week and it has changed and enriched my life! Thank you Hope for being an inspiration…wish I had started years ago!

Julie S 1671227810

November 14, 2018 - 12:12pm

A wonderful video presented by a wonderful healer. Hope… You give me hope. Thank you for this technique. Just what I need.

Katherine K

November 14, 2018 - 9:21am

Excited to put this breathing technique into practice in my everyday life! Great video and a very encouraging story of hope!

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