Getting to know myself through meditation

I’ve never really liked being alone. I’ve never lived alone, never traveled alone – I don’t think I’ve even spent one whole day by myself! When I started meditation, I didn’t understand that I was (finally!) going to go it alone.

My journey with mediation began two years ago. It started with a Thursday-night meditation class with my husband. We both loved it! And, at first, I think I got what I expected to get out of it – a calmer mind, a sense of peace and the stress relief that comes with these feelings.

But as I continued the class, I was surprised to suddenly find that meditation with helping me get to know... well, me. Every time I meditated, I could see my true self more clearly — my struggles, my desires, my strength and ultimately, my potential. 

Flash forward to today — I just completed my year-long training in yoga and meditation. And I'm thrilled to help introduce my students to themselves. 

Mariah Andrews
Contributor & Founding Member

I am the director of digital media for Frontier Co-op, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia. I love my job because it melds all of my passions — digital media, writing, cooking, green living and even yoga — into one sweet gig. When my children were little, I created the food blog Green Swamp Soup to help parents make healthy, kid-friendly meals. I’m excited to meet and connect with new people as we travel along this Noteworthy path together.

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