Easing into College with Essential Oils

“Essential oils have a lot of practical uses if you’re heading to college for the first time or going back to continue learning”

Motivated to learn more about natural healing and wellness, I started using essential oils during my sophomore year of college. I made simple skin care recipes at first. I wasn’t really trying to create a sense of calm or sharpen my focus or anything like that because I didn’t understand aromatherapy at the time. I did, however, notice that the more I used essential oils the more my friends wanted to hang out in my space.

Due to dorm rules prohibiting candles, I had to hide my tea light diffuser* from my RA but she probably knew when I used it due to the traveling effect of aroma. Large groups of friends lingered in my room after I used my oils. It was clear – if I wanted to keep people around, aroma was an important factor. I also found that essential oils were great companions in the fight against stale air and foul odors.

I later moved into a townhouse with some friends and that’s when I first used essential oils in cleaning. Years later in massage therapy school, I used essential oils to study with and to motivate me to do my homework and practical work – they helped me brighten up and focus after being worn out from a long day of work and classes. Had I done this with my undergraduate work, my first two years might have turned out differently… umm, academically speaking.

If you ask me, essential oils should be a ‘must-have’ for students at any stage of life and learning, particularly because of how effectively they can support us in our airspace. From their emotional effects to their ability to help support healthy environments to their role and function as we learn new information, essential oils just can’t be beat.

Here are some great ways to maximize essential oil usage during times of learning and transition:

Study Sessions

For those long nights when you’re trying to absorb a lot of information, look to essential oils like rosemary, black pepper and nutmeg. Diffusing them can help you counter mental fatigue and exhaustion. Rosemary, in particular, is known as a powerful memory and study aid. Consider carrying a bottle for easy, deep inhalations anywhere you go – boost your recall ability for exams or stay focused when things get fuzzy in the wee hours of the morning.

Room diffusions

Clear odors from funky workout gear or refresh stale, leftover air and odors from previous occupants. Citrus oils are an excellent addition to dorm and apartment diffusers. Sweet orange, bergamot and lemon are well-loved for their ability to uplift any space and combat even the most foul odors.

Chemical-free dorm/house/apartment cleaning

Take the guesswork and sweat out of cleaning by adding essential oils into the mix. This kind-to-your-space approach will support you living your best life as you learn and grow. Tea tree, oregano and peppermint are wonderful aids in natural cleaning, just add a little white vinegar and water. With essential oils, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money taking care of your living and studying areas.

Social connection

When it comes down to it, we all need to laugh and unwind and connect with others. Essential oils are emotional connectors that can help us open up, meet new friends and make others feel welcome. Bergamot, jasmine and rose are oils that can leave our spaces smelling pleasant while easing the social tension that comes with meeting new people and navigating new situations. Diffuse before parties or gatherings but consider yourself warned – you might have a tough time getting everyone to leave at the end of the night (or early morning, if you keep the schedule I did when I was in college)!

We are eager to hear what is working for you and/or the students you look out for as you head into the ‘back to school’ mindset.

*There are a whole spectrum of diffusers that can fit the bill in small spaces and dorms, so make sure to find what best fits your living situation and regulations and DON’T follow my outdated example.

Charlynn Avery
Contributor & Founding Member

An avid aroma enthusiast, I have devoted my career to understanding the connection between mind, body and spirit. I come from a diverse background in education, health and wellness and have practiced and taught in the arenas of bodywork, holistic therapies, yoga and plant medicine. I've been teaching about essential oil usage for 14 years with the last six years at Frontier Co-op educating about essential oils on behalf of the Aura Cacia brand. My passions are my family, reading, writing, gardening, natural healing, yoga, hiking, & travel. I believe the world is made a better place by small acts of kindness.

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Elizabeth S 729852748

August 20, 2018 - 10:03am

Those listed essential oils sound gr8! Could you suggest the number of drops to use for the “Study Sessions” and ” Room Diffusions”  blends?
thank you!!!


August 20, 2018 - 6:40am

I sent my daughter off with a diffuser but only gave her lavender essential oils. Definitely going to send her some that you recommend! Thanks!

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