Day 22 of a 21-day journey

Earlier this summer I participated in an eye-opening exercise that helped me reboot my overall lifestyle.

The Noteworthy 21-Day Journey encouraged me to focus on daily given tasks that highlighted all aspects of my life. I documented my experience visually on Instagram to share it with others. That came with another benefit – my commitment to doing the Journey was personal, but sharing it publicly involved a level of accountability that was both motivating and meaningful.

So, now that I’ve had a chance to reflect on my experience I’m excited to share what I’ve learned. Please join me in my mission to stay on track! 

What did I learn from my Noteworthy Journey?

In what ways have I tried to stay committed to the journey?

Suggested tips for staying on track with the journey.

Nadia Murdock
Contributor & Founding Member

I am a nationally recognized fitness coach, published author and regular on-air fitness expert as seen on E! News, Fox,, Harper's Bazaar and Life & Style just to name a few. I am living proof that my “train your mind, change your body” method works. After changing my own life to a healthier lifestyle, I became dedicated to sharing that power with others through teaching fitness classes and my company Nadia Murdock Fit. I enjoy all forms of fitness from Barre to weight training and I never go a day without breaking a sweat.

Noteworthy Journey

Are you living the life you love? Take our 21-day wellness journey, where you'll be given daily tasks to guide you toward a full, vibrant and healthy life.

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