Soothing Shampoo with Restore Essential Oil Blend
  • Total time: 5 mins
  • Hands on time: 5 mins
  • Makes: 16 fluid ounces
Soothing Shampoo with Restore Essential Oil Blend

A simple DIY shampoo recipe featuring Aura Cacia Restore Essential Oil Blend.


1 teaspoon Aura Cacia Restore Essential Oil Blend 0.5 fl. oz.
1/2 cup Aura Cacia Organic Vegetable Glycerin 4 fl. oz.
2 tablespoons Aura Cacia Jojoba Skin Care Oil 4 fl. oz.
1/2 cup Castile-type liquid soap


1. In an empty shampoo bottle, combine all ingredients.

2. Shake well before each use.

3. Shampoo and rinse

There are no preservatives in this shampoo, so discard any remaining product after two weeks. Cut recipe in half if you don’t think you’ll use the entire batch within two weeks.

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Kelli U

June 20, 2019 - 11:12am

Just curious as to why you can only use it for 2 weeks. I’ve been making my own shampoo for a Few years now, and unfortunately this is the first time I’ve seen it mentioned.  I’m wondering if I’ve been using spoiled shampoo and body wash..uh oh.

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