Meet May Chang
Meet May Chang

They call me the "mountain pepper" :)

Meet one of the newest additions to our essential oil family may chang! Hailing from the small flower of an evergreen shrub native to Southeast Asia, this pure essential oil is known for its versatility – it can be used in multiple personal care and household applications, and blends well with citrus, woodsy and floral essential oils. Learn about all things may chang, quick tips, recipes and more by exploring this guide. Hello, may chang!

Mix together may chang with your favorite unscented cleaner to scrub the nitty gritty dirt from your home.

To break out of the afternoon funk, diffuse a few drops of may chang into your essential oil diffuser of choice. It will help bring you uplifting, energized vibes!

Open a bottle of may chang and inhale deeply while spending a late night studying to help give you that extra boost you need.

Mix with your favorite skin care oil in a roll-on for an uplifting aroma on the go.

Blend with your favorite facial cleanser for a refreshing face.

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Suzanna C

July 17, 2019 - 11:39am

Curious to know more about May Chang, like what does it smell like?

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