How to use essential oils for gardening
How to use essential oils for gardening

Make your gardening experience more pleasant with essential oils. Gardener focused, essential oil based body care products can provide protecting and soothing benefits as well as helping to restore after a hard day spent making your landscape beautiful.

To remove garden dirt and grime from your hands, make a simple oil serum. Combine 12 drops lavender essential oil with 1 fluid ounce coconut oil and massage into hands and cuticles, then wash with soap and water.

To cool down on a hot day, mist your face with a simple DIY mist made with 2 fluid ounces water, 6 drops peppermint essential oil and 6 drops lavender essential oil.

To protect your pruning shears and trimmers, make a simple DIY oil. Combine 12 drops tea tree essential oil with 1 fluid ounce carrier oil and use a cotton ball to apply to cutting surfaces.

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