How to make homemade soap with essential oils
How to make homemade soap with essential oils

Making homemade soap can be fun, practical and rewarding. Learn how to make homemade soap with essential oils safely by exploring these simple recipes, tips and more! Before you know it, you’ll be able to turn out bar after bar in your own kitchen. 

If you’re following a recipe that uses lye, be sure to factor in a curing time of a minimum of 4, but ideally 6, weeks after mixing up a batch of soap.

Experiment with additions like dried herbs, flowers, spices, ground oats or almond meal before pouring to get exfoliative and/or aesthetic qualities.

Choose specific oils and aromas to achieve specific benefits. For a gentle, soothing soap, try using lavender essential oil, almond oil and ground oats.

To give fully cured soap bars as gifts and to preserve their aroma, wrap first in wax paper, then in tissue or decorative paper.

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