How to balance your chakras with essential oils
How to balance your chakras with essential oils

Learn how to balance your chakras with essential oils through recipes, tips and more. Understand how aroma, color, sound and movement can have a powerful influence on the expression of chakra energy and work toward achieving balance.

A Brief History of the Chakra Tradition

The primary origins that set forth the concept of the chakras is thought to be the ancient Hindu tantric texts: Sat-Cakra-Nirupana and Padaka-Pancaka, which describe them as points of emanating energy that is linking to a universal spiritual consciousness. These interfaces are where the concrete form of the body materializes. The universal, chakra-attuned energy is thought to have been unleashed in the creation and lies coiled and dormant as Kundalini at the base of the spine. The practice of tantric, or kundalini yoga, seeks to progressively activate and arouse the chakras in order to awaken kundalini so that a transformative union with the divine is achieved.

According to the current general Western perspective, the chakras each govern their own functional aspects of the physical body, emotional state and mental process. The focus of chakra therapy then becomes an effort to balance and align the expression of all of the chakras with one another, so that none are either overactive or underactive. In this way, physical, emotional and mental balance and wholeness are thought to be realized and maintained.


Use simple yoga poses to balance the chakras: forward bend for the root chakra, triangle pose for the sacral chakra,  mountain pose for the solar plexus chakra, cobra pose for the heart chakra, shoulder stand for the throat chakra, cresent pose for the third eye chakra and tree pose for the crown chakra.

Sound has a profound effect on balancing our chakras, obtain recordings of these sounds or seek them out in nature: root—thunder, sacral—rain, solar plexus—crackling fire, heart—wind, throat—bird song, third eye—wind chimes, crown—silence.

Color has a balancing effect on the chakras, with each one attuned to a complimentary hue. Incorporate chakra specific colors into your environment with colored clothing and furnishings. Root—red, sacral—orange, solar plexus—yellow, heart—green, throat—light blue, third eye—indigo, crown—purple.

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June 25, 2018 - 9:38pm

The throat chakra roll on works wonders when I have to speak at department meetings at work.  Good stuff!

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