Finding balance and calm with essential oils
Finding balance and calm with essential oils

Achieving balance and calm with essential oils can be as simple as inhaling a whiff of lavender from the bottle. Learn how to master this simple technique and many more.

Color has a balancing effect on the chakras, with each one attuned to a complimentary hue. Incorporate chakra specific colors into your environment with colored clothing and furnishings. Root—red, sacral—orange, solar plexus—yellow, heart—green, throat—light blue, third eye—indigo, crown—purple.

Use simple yoga poses to balance the chakras: forward bend for the root chakra, triangle pose for the sacral chakra,  mountain pose for the solar plexus chakra, cobra pose for the heart chakra, shoulder stand for the throat chakra, cresent pose for the third eye chakra and tree pose for the crown chakra.

Sound has a profound effect on balancing our chakras, obtain recordings of these sounds or seek them out in nature: root—thunder, sacral—rain, solar plexus—crackling fire, heart—wind, throat—bird song, third eye—wind chimes, crown—silence.

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Linda By

January 28, 2018 - 3:54pm

Thank you for reminding me to stop and breathe and relax!

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