Meet May Chang
Meet May Chang

Meet the "mountain pepper", may chang!

Known for it's intense lemon aroma with grassy notes, this oil is a beautiful addition to any essential oil collection. With it's vibrant and cheery aroma, may chang is often used to feel uplifted and is even the most helpful cleaning assistant. Formally known as Litsea cubeba, this funky botanical is more commonly known in China and eastern parts of Asia where it grows naturally and was used in ancient medicinal practices. Traveling half way accross the globe to a bottle near you, its lemony aroma offers refreshing notes while also stimulating and uplifting the mind - ahhh we love you may chang!

What does may chang look like?

May chang comes from small fruits, similar in shape to peppers, that are grown on trees featuring white or pale yellow flowers. The flowers have a lemony aroma, hence the strong lemon draw when the botanical is in it's oil form. As the fruit ripens it also darkens in color and continues to take on the shape and nature of a ripe pepper! Due to the similarity of the fruit to the fiesty veggie pepper, may chang has been referred to as the Mountain Pepper - neat, huh? Just please don't consume them in any way because, lets be honest, they are truly NOT peppers OR lemons.

Where does it come from?

May chang, Litsea cubeba, is native to the country of China, where Aura Cacia May Chang is sourced from, and also found in areas of Southeast Asia. The vast majority of may chang essential oil is derived from China.

Bet you didn’t know…

Most essential oils are known as their common name (e.g. lavender), however, may chang is often known by its botanical name, Litsea cubeba, or often just litsea. May chang is easier to say, so, lets go ahead and stick with that.

May chang blends well with florals and citrus oils: bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lemon, rose, sweet orange. Feel free to try new things and mix it up with diffusion blends and DIY recipes!

Quick tips with may chang:

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