Learn the Varied Uses and Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils
Learn the Varied Uses and Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils

Citrus oils have so many uses and benefits for clean living. You can make a hand or dish soap, purify the air in your home, create a simple homemade deodorant or a mix up a refreshing body care mist. Learn about the various uses and benefits of citrus essential oils below.

Clean your home with the bright aromas of citrus essential oils

Added to your own DIY cleaning products, citrus essential oils provide a clean, bright scent that turns your housework chores into pleasant tasks. Plus, citrus oils work well with soaps and cleansers to lift dirt, dust and grime. A few citrus essential oil home-cleaning uses you might want to try: lemon in dish soap or window cleaner, sweet orange for bathroom cleaning and bergamot for cleaning carpets and upholstery.

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Use citrus oils to care for your indoor air

These aromas don’t just cover up indoor airspaces with fragrance, they clarify the air with the kind of clean, pure scents that can only be derived from nature. Try lime in a room spray, grapefruit in a diffusion, or add a few drops of sweet orange to a steaming pan of hot water on the stove.

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Add citrus essential oils to your own DIY body care products

While the citrus essential oil benefits are naturally cleansing and freshening, they also provide energizing and motivating aromatherapy benefits. Try bergamot in a homemade deodorant or apply an uplifting body mist featuring the delightful scent of distilled lime essential oil.

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Aura Cacia
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At Aura Cacia we are inspired by the power of positive change. In our own lives and in the lives of women everywhere. Our essential oils, skin care oils and more are made from simple and pure botanical ingredients to unlock nature’s ability to improve our well-being. We source our ingredients carefully and sustainably from the best sources around the world, then test every shipment of essential oil we receive to verify its purity and quality. Since our beginnings in 1982 – and since 1993, as part of Frontier Co-op – we’ve believed in spreading positive change together. So, each time you purchase an Aura Cacia product, you support organizations that help women transform their lives through our Positive Change Project.

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