How to find balance with essential oils for autumn
How to find balance with essential oils for autumn

Autumn is a season of transition and change. It’s a time of perfect balance when the weather's not too hot or cold and days and nights are the same length. Fall is a brief season of cosmic equilibrium between summer and winter when everything seems to pause and re-calibrate so it's the perfect time to work on fostering a sense of healthy balance in our own homes and lives. Consider taking advantage of fall’s seasonal shift to use essential oils to find balance in this time of transition. Here are a few ways to use essential oils this season.

1. Diffuse spice and citrus essential oils

The aromas of fall are embodied in spice and citrus essential oils. Spice aromas are evocative of fall baking, while citrus oils evoke the fall harvest. When blended, they can inspire comfort, abundance, safety, security and satisfaction. They create a general sense of balance and calm that is perfectly in tune with the halcyon days of autumn. Consider warm cinnamon, comforting clove and fulfilling fennel for the spice oils, all of which blend beautifully with sweet orange and tangerine citrus oils.

2. Make a massage or bath oil with warming essential oils

When you add warming oils to a skin care oil based bath or massage oil application, it's like slipping into a down comforter or flannel pajamas on those crisp and cool fall evenings. Nutmeg, black pepper and bay are comforting spice oils that work in these applications.

3. Make a body oil, lotion or perfume with citrusy essential oils

Scenting your body and personal space with the luscious, fulfilling scent of fruity citrus oils is a great way to soak in the bountiful atmosphere of fall. Dilute a blend of Mandarin orange and spicy neroli (orange flower) oil in a light textured skin care oil such as grapeseed or jojoba and dab onto pulse points.

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