How to choose essential oils with woodsy and earthy aromas
How to choose essential oils with woodsy and earthy aromas

Woodsy Essential Oils

Wood-derived essential oils can be distilled from the heartwood, balsam and resin of the tree. The aromatherapy benefits of woodsy essential oils include strengthening, centering, encouraging, balancing and elevating. These essential oils include: 

Atlas Cedarwood 

Atlas cedarwood essential oil has a sweet, classic "cedar chest" aroma.

Peru Balsam 

Peru balsam essential oil has an exotic, sweet, slightly spicy, creamy-vanilla-like aroma. 

Blue Cypress

Blue Cypress essential oil is a woody, rich, sweet tobacco-like oil with a sapphire blue color. 

Texas Cedarwood

Texas cedarwood essential oil is woody, not too sweet and has an earthy base note. 


Frankincense essential oil is balsamic, peppery and resin-scented.


Sandalwod essential oi has an earthy, rich and tenacious balsamic-woody aroma.

Earthy Essential Oils

The aromatherapy benefits of earthy essential oils include stabilizing, anchoring, grounding and tenacious. Earthy-scented oils embody the scents of sweet soil, rain-soaked moss, fallen leaves and freshly dug roots. These essential oils include: 

Carrot Seed 

Carrot seed essential oil has a rooty, oily aroma like freshly turned soil, carrots and carrot tops. 

Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil is musky, herbal and sweet.


Ginger essential oil has a lemony, earthy, root-like aroma. 

Fresh Ginger 

Fresh ginger essential oil is similar to ginger essential oil, but has a much fresher, more lively aroma.


Myrrh essential oil is bittersweet, powdery and balsamic.


Patchouli essential oil is earthy, rich, tenacious and herbal. 


Vetiver essential oil has a sweet, earthy, candied ginger-like aroma. 

Check out recipes, tips and more to explore essential oils with woodsy and earthy aromas further. 

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