How to care for your skin before and after gardening
How to care for your skin before and after gardening

One of America's most popular pastimes has the potential to be quite hard on our bodies -- gardening. All that digging, raking, planting and trimming in the outdoor elements can take their toll. If we're not careful gardening can give us dry skin, soreness, sunburn, and wind damage for all our trouble creating beautiful landscape.

But gardening doesn't have to make us vulnerable if we exercise precautions before going out into the yard, and following gardening activities with some soothing body care ministrations afterwards. Consider adding some protective and restorative essential oil based personal care to your gardening routine. Gardener centered body care products are as essential as a good pair of gardening gloves and pruning shears. Protect yourself from the start and help your body recover and remain resilient after your time in the garden.

Protecting Gardening Precautions

Consider these tips to protect yourself from the elements and situations that you encounter working outside such as: wind, sun, cold and hot temperatures.

Soothing Post-gardening Body Care Applications

When gardeners overdue it, a calming and soothing application of essential oil based body care after the work is done is the thing to do.

Help keep yourself resilient while gardening with nurturing, ongoing applications of supportive essential oil based body care products.

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Thank you Aura Cacia for presenting the daily tips and motivation. I will miss this , however I look forward to what you have in store next.

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